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Today, we’ve got an interesting topic at hand. Something that many of us are excited for. We’ll dive in and explore if Cardano is the next Bitcoin. We know every cryptocurrency out there is kind of trying to be the next Bitcoin. So we’ll look at what really sets Cardano apart and what really puts it ahead of the pack.

1. Transaction Speed

So, one of the first things we’ll look at is its transaction speed. Cardano is extremely fast. It was designed from the very beginning to try to avoid any network congestion.

Transactions per second of major cryptocurrencies

Looking at the actual transactions per second, Bitcoin, being the first in the party, has 5, and maybe to 8 at most, transactions per second. Ethereum being a faster crypto tops at 15-20 transactions per second. However, Ada on the other hand, comes in blazing at over 250 transactions per second.

2. The Mastermind Behind Cardano

The next thing we’ll look at is the experienced founder that Cardano has. Charles Hoskinson was the co-founder of Ethereum. He helped to take the experience and lessons that he gained building Ethereum, which was the second generation of blockchain, to use in the third generation of blockchain, which is Cardano.

Charles Hoskinson

Everything in Cardano has been fully peer-reviewed, and it’s completely the newest and greatest in blockchain. Unlike other coins like Doge, Shiba, or any of these other coins that are just purely around speculation, Cardano is built first around functionality. And we think this is one of the things that really sets Cardano apart.

3. Cardano’s Eco-Friendly System

The next part that’s really appreciable about Cardano is its eco-friendly system. We see a lot of different problems with a lot of these technologies, and this is one of the things that’s really driving against Ethereum right now – it is still proof of work. This means Ethereum still has to be running miners. These miners have to work complex mathematical problems that requires a tremendous amount of electricity.

Proof of work vs Proof of stake

Mining farms, particularly for Bitcoin and Ethereum, are chewing up massive amounts of resources whereas the newer proof of stake systems like Cardano are actually faster, cheaper, and more secure, all while using a tremendously lesser amount of energy. And here’s are 4 reasons why Cardano is better than Ethereum.

We’re personally running two different nodes, a main node as well as relay nodes, which really helps the network and benefits us with far less energy but at a far more efficient and effective output. If you’re interested, you can use our staking server to delegate your Ada with us and start making passive income with Cardano.

So, this is an example of where we think Cardano will really come out to the forefront. Because we’ve seen a lot of cryptocurrencies taking big hits as people like Elon Musk and others really start to realize the damage that Bitcoin is going to do in the long run.

4. Cardano’s Limited Supply

Next, we’ll discuss about Cardano’s limited supply. We see a lot of other cryptocurrencies that have completely unlimited supply. Cardano has a limited supply of 45 billion coins. Now, that just goes to basic supply and demand. So with 45 billion coins in the market, this makes it so that it can’t continue to print money like the US government does, which will devalue the coins over time.

So it’s very important to understand and it’s one of the things that was very well though out to work around making sure there’s a limited supply to ensure the value of the coin stays relevant through the history of the coin.

5. Functionality

Finally, we have the functionality part of Cardano. Cardano was thought out from the very beginning about how it could help to decentralize the financial applications. The decentralized finance(DeFi) and applications that are built around it are the examples of the reason that we’re building on top of Cardano. We’re building a project that we’ll be releasing next week, and this project is going to be one of the big reasons that I think Cardano is going to continue to grow.

I believe we haven’t even scratch the surface for the amount of use we can see with DeFi applications. And one of the things that we’re building on is a way to make it easier for others to be able to build in this space.

So these are some of the reasons that makes up believe Cardano will win in the long run. Thank you for sticking with me to the very end. We hope this has been valuable information to your journey to skyrocketing with Ada. You can keep track of our blog or YouTube channel to stay updated about Cardano every day. And as always, make sure to keep your kids protected with CleanRouter and CleanPhone. This lets you have the ultimate parental controls with how your kids use their phone 🙂

If you’d like to learn more about the opportunities with Cardano, kindly check out the video below:

Spencer Thomason is the CEO and Co-founder of CleanRouter, as well as many other products.

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