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Today, we’ll be reviewing the latest prices on Cardano. We’ll also look into some of the interesting developments and announcements on the Cardano blockchain, as well as another interesting update about crypto in general, which will be fascinating for us to know. So without holding you here on the intro, let’s get right into the latest Cardano update.

Cardano’s Price

It’s been a kind of interesting last month on Cardano and its prices. We’ve seen a lot of dips as low as $1.20 and a peak as high as $1.50 right after Christmas. Now, we’ve seen a fair amount of selloff last week as we’ve gone into getting ready for 2022.

Cardano ADA to USD price chart
Cardano ADA to USD price chart

So today, we saw the price settle out at $1.35. But ultimately, we decided to look long-term into 2022 and see where we think Cardano is going. I really think that we’re going to see a lot of long-term effects that some of the technologies could potentially bring to the price. So ultimately, we don’t think that Cardano has started the run yet. And I believe these 10 or 20 cents of gain are really nothing compared to what we’ll see Cardano achieve in the future.

Cardano – A Major Achievement

Moving on, Cardano was recently announced as the most developed crypto on Github in 2021. The development activity is often an undervalued predictor of a project’s success in the cryptocurrency space. Development activity not only demonstrates a team’s monthly dedication to building a working product but it also contributes to show the consistency and quantity of improvements, updates, and new features.

Cryptocurrencies ranked for total development activity in 2021

The cryptocurrencies are ranked on the basis of the actual commits of real code that are going into the project. And it is really exciting how Cardano came up top when we see that even a project like Ethereum stands at the 4th position. So here’s a great comparison on Cardano vs Ethereum. To me, it really shows the future of where Cardano is going. And this is the stuff that we’ve been confidently talking about for a while. So if you’re interested, you can follow us on our blog and YouTube channel.

Additionally, we’re also building a project of our own on top of Cardano that can make developing even easier. So if you’re somebody who’s not necessarily a hardcore developer but you still have ideas to execute, then follow along and stay tuned for the announcement of our project in a week.

What This Means for Cardano

Ultimately, for us, the win on Cardano is going to be around how much Cardano is building on the network in the future. And we don’t really believe these 10 or 20 cents of gain is the ultimate potential of Cardano. In contrast, its future strongly promises something within the $10 to $50 range.

And as the technology continues to grow and real things keep building on it, and as an entire nation’s state is being dependent on it, I think we’re going to see the price of it go up.

Bitcoin – An Interesting Update

Bitcoin BTC representation
Image credit: Dmitry Demidko

Moving on, another interesting announcement reported that a Bitcoin wallet that’s has been idle for over 10 years has recently gone active. What’s interesting is that the wallet has been sitting idle with 500 BTC from nearly 11 years ago, which was then worth $8,400 but now risen to over $23 million!

A statue of the Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto
Image credit: Wikipedia

While this has surprised the entire crypto world, speculations are also rising indicating that Satoshi Nakamoto might be cashing out. Although this is the case, we believe it is highly unlikely that the person behind Bitcoin will really truly unveil. We think if the person ever did, it would actually be unsafe for Bitcoin in general. And since Bitcoin is still kind of the gold standard cryptocurrency, the revealing of its creator could unstabilize the whole market.

And if you’re interested, here’s our take on Cardano becoming the next Bitcoin.

Thank you for sticking with me to the very end. We hope this has been valuable information to your journey with cryptocurrencies. You can follow our blog or YouTube channel to stay updated about Cardano, and cryptocurrencies in general, everyday. And as always, make sure to keep your kids protected with CleanRouter and CleanPhone. This lets you have the ultimate parental controls with how your kids use their phone 🙂

If you’d like to learn more about Cardano and other crypto updates, kindly check out the video below:

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