Hello world! This is announcement blog post on new UI and features we launched last week for Smart Contracts Made EasySCEZ portal. Some of these features are NFT Minting in personal wallet, My NFT collection(i.e. Minted and received NFTs), My wallet, Set and reset wallet passphrase, Unique Policy ID, Transfer NFTs, NFT report, and Transactions Report. Let’s dive in and find out step by step.

1. UI Redesign and Performance Improvements

Since launch of SCEZ portal, we noticed performance issues and not so good user experience. The technology stack we used to build front end was limiting and more suitable for mobile view. Thus the need for UI redesign was felt and we started working on it. Let’s have a look at new UI here

SCEZ Sign In
My Wallet
My NFT Collection
My Profile
Create NFT

We’ll discuss these screenshots and UI update in detail.

2. My Wallet – Your Own Cardano Wallet

We launched the first version that had limitations and no ability for the users to manage it. With new feature release, we added “My Wallet” where we generate a wallet for you secured by AES-256 encryption and wallet passphrase that is set to validate each and every transaction, be it NFT minting, NFT transfer or ADA transfer.

SCEZ Dashboard

As we can see in the screenshot, we show your wallet balance summary on this page. Total balance is ADA balance plus locked assets. Locked assets is ADA amount locked in NFTs. It includes all minted and received NFTs.

We show the wallet address and QR code that can be used to transfer the ADA or NFT from another wallet, exchanges or marketplaces such as Yoroi, CCVault, Coinbase or Tokhun

UTXO distribution is list of all transaction ID and amount (Total balance splitted in form of ADA and assets)

If you’re a new user, we will ask to set wallet phrase if not done already.

Wallet Passphrase

3. My NFT Collection

We added this page to fetch list of NFTs locked in your personal wallet. This is another new feature which we added recently. Previously we were showing only minted NFTs but now you can see all received as well as minted assets.


There is also an option to send a particular NFT to another wallet address

Mint NFT

This feature is very handy if you wish to sell NFTs or trade. In the next version, we’re going to add ADA withdrawal function as well so stay tuned.

4. NFT Minting – Security Enhancement and Policy ID

We had this feature in the initial version but lacking a few options. With added wallet passphrase, we’re now asking and validating the same in the minting form. Thus preventing from any unauthorized transaction.

We suggest you to keep the account password and wallet passphrase different.

Create NFT

We generate an unique policy ID during first NFT transaction. All sub-sequent NFT minting will tie to same policy ID. This will help you in verifying your NFT project on other marketplaces such as Tokhun.

5. NFT Minting and Transaction Report

We added enhanced reports where you’ll see all NFTs minted over the time frame, latest being on the top. Transactions report is a summary of your ADA spending.


Minting NFT requires a transaction fee that varies based on image size and data. The same can be verified as following:

Transaction Report

6. My Profile

We redesigned this page to give you a profile overview containing total ADA balance and Api key. We also added an option to reset your account password and wallet passphrase.

My Profile

That’s all for now. In the next blog, we’ll share with you step by step guide to transfer and sell minted NFT on marketplaces.

Sr. Software Ninja

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