Welcome to another blog post. Today, we’re introducing SCEZ View, a web app to visualize Cardano NFTs or CNFTs. As you might be aware we’re contributing to the Cardano ecosystem and the NFT viewer is our effort to bring a utility to view the minted NFT on Cardano network

We’re the first one to bring this for the not only the mainnet but for testnet as well.

Search NFT

Using the viewer is very simple. Head over to over site here https://view.smartcontractsez.com/

As we can see, this is minimal search page. We’ve two options:

1. Search by wallet address

Grab a wallet address you want to see all NFT minted or received. Hit search and voila, you’ll see the result, like just Google search!


NFT viewer result

Click on any NFT to view more detailed and original image:


Detailed NFT viewer

2. Search by Asset Policy ID

Each NFT has it’s attached policy ID. You should have this in the wallet collection or search for the transaction in the Cardano explorer.

To search by policy ID, head back to home page and enter the input:

Search by Policy ID

Submit and you’ll the search result.

A wallet can have more than one policy ID. It’s a unique hash which denotes an NFT project.


A single policy ID can have more than one NFT by same name, in that case you’ll see all NFTs listed

Nft viewer

That’s it for today. Next, we’ll show you how to transfer NFT to exchange, get your policy ID verified and sell the NFT!

Sr. Software Ninja

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