Today we’re going to show you how to mint NFTs on SCEZ and sell on the marketplaces such as or Tokhun.

In one of our previous posts, we learnt how to mint NFT using SCEZ ui or api. As a result, we receive minted NFTs in personal wallet. Each NFT is identified by a unique policy ID. We keep the policy ID same for all minted NFTs in particular wallet. This helps in unifying your project and get the policy ID verified easily.

We’ll check how to get one of more policy ID verified under single or multiple projects.

Once your NFT is minted and received in the wallet, we’re ready to transfer it to the marketplaces. We’ll guide you through two popular platform below:

1. Sell on JPG Store JPG.STORE

This is our preferred and recommended way to sell. Selling NFTs on is very easy. Head over to the site and locate the wallet connect option

We assume that you’ve Nami extension installed and the wallet is connected to Nami.

Jpg store will do a quick connect to your wallet.

Click on asset tab, that will show a personalized page with list of NFTs in the wallet and option to sell

Click on Sell NFT to get sell options

Set your NFT price and hit send listing. The jpg store will send your NFT to smart contract once you verify your transaction with Nami.

Bingo! we just listed our NFT to selling and making crypto money!

Wait for few minutes to get it under For Sale tab

There are options to update the NFT price and delist

2. Sell NFT on CNFT.IO

CNFT require you to connect your existing wallet.

To proceed further, simply signup and get your email verified.

Click on the profile icon to get profile options like in below screenshot:

You must have a external wallet (not the SCEZ). If not, create using one of the popular wallets such as NAMI, CCValut.

Click on “ADD Wallet” button to get list of compatible wallets

In our case, we’re going with Nami Wallet.

The process is same for any wallet. You’ll see a popup or prompt to sign and verify the wallet. Proceed and sign with wallet passphrase

If all good, the wallet will get added instantly

Check inventory option to see all NFTs in this wallet. If you’ve already transferred the SCEZ minted NFT, it will get listed here or we need to transfer it to the Nami wallet address(or which ever wallet you’re using)

To transfer from SCEZ portal, got to My NFT page, and click on send button

Refresh your CNFT inventory after a few minutes

Perfect, we’re ready to sell! Click on the NFT to see more detail and sell option like below:

Proceed to sell and confirm the price:

You’ll see a confirmation alert:

Continue to verify the wallet transaction

Sign the transaction to confirm sell

Awesome! We just sold our first NFT on CNFT

Wait for a few minutes and the transaction will go through.

If you’re policy ID is not verified, you may not see your NFT being listed for sale in the marketplace. We’ll show you in the next blog how to get policy ID/project verified.

Let’s see how to sell on another marketplace called Tokhun

Tokhun allows selling unverified project/NFTs.

3. Sell NFTs on Tokhun

Selling on Tokhun is different from selling on CNFT. While CNFT doesn’t directly own any NFTs and all assets are in your own wallet, Tokhun will keep your assets on their platform hosted wallet. Just like SCEZ, you’ll need to signup and get your account verified, setup wallet passphrase

Once you’re ready, transfer min. 5 ADA and the NFT from SCEZ.

Click on the Sell option

Fill up the form and select the NFT you want to get listed

Hit publish to marketplace once details are filled in.

Congratulations! We just listed our first NFT for sale

The project is categorized as Unknown since the policy ID is not verified. In the next blog, we’ll learn to get the same verified.

Sr. Software Ninja

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