Hello world! We learnt how to mint NFT using our rest api in one of the previous blogs. Today we’re going to learn how to mint your very first NFT using SCEZ UI. If you’re existing users, then the instructions are same except this time you’ll we welcomed with a new and redesigned UI

Follow the steps below to get started now:

1. Signup and Account Activation

First and foremost, signup for mainnet account. You can also signup for testnet if you want to try it for free. Fillup your account detail and submit. Make sure to use correct email and phone number in order to get your account verified and activated.

Check your inbox for account verification link and otp to verify your phone. Proceed to login with newly created credentials.

Profile Overview:

You’ll the alerts if the email address or phone number is not verified. Click on “Unverified” link to verify the respective option.

2. Set Wallet Passphrase

We’ve generating a personal secure wallet address for you. In order to protect your balance and assets, you must set a unique wallet passphrase. We’ll ask and validate the same during minting.

My wallet screen
Set wallet passphrase

Checklist for wallet passphrase:

  • Before you can do anything on our platform, your wallet should be secured with a passphrase
  • We will use the passphrase to encrypt your wallet hot keys with strong AES-256 cryptography
  • We will never store your passphrase anywhere on our system, therefore we cannot help recover it for you if you forget this passphrase
  • So please write it down on a piece of paper and store it securely
  • You will need this passphrase every time you mint/sell/transfer/withdraw etc…
  • If you loose your passphrase, there is no way to recover your wallet and assets/funds held within it

3. Fund Your Wallet – Send some ADA

So you’ve now your wallet setp that you’ve full control over it. Next, we need some ADA so that we can perform the transaction. Minting the NFT requires minimum 2.5ADA. We recommend to send minimum 50 ADA so that you can mint several NFTs and also save on transactions fee.

Copy the wallet address and use it to send ADA from exchange or another wallet

Wait for a while to sync the wallet. You’ll see total ADA and locked assets.

Wallet balance

Scroll down to get list of all transaction ID and UTXO distribution

UTXO distribution

4. Mint NFT

When we minted the NFT using code, we require two steps to process – create and upload nft. Here we’ll need to follow just one step so make sure details are correct

Check following screenshot:

Mint NFT form

Let’s understand each form field use.

  1. Default Policy ID: Policy ID is a unique hash in Cardano blockchain that recognize NFT asset. We generate and use the same policy ID for every NFT you mint. Thus part of the same project which is required for some exchanges to verify your NFT projects authenticity.
  2. Token Name (No spaces and special character): A single one-word token name that you can identify your image
  3. Description: Describe what this NFT is in brief
  4. NFT Image: JPG, PNG, GIF image, upto 10MB allowed.
  5. Wallet Passphrase: Secure passcode we set in step #2

If all good, you’ll get a popup alert for successful submit. We’ll queue your request and start the minting. Once it’s minted successfully, we’ll send an email notification

NFT Report
Transaction report

We’ll send you email notification with the NFT veiwer link:

Minted asset email link

You can get your link to NFT anytime from “My NFT” collection


Awesome! So we just minted the NFT and received the same in SCEZ wallet.

5. Transfer NFT

How cool would be it if we can transfer it to some marketplace and sell it make some money! That’s easy step. Click “Send” button and we’ll ask you to enter target wallet address

Send NFT to another wallet

Validate the transaction with your wallet passphrase and click Transfer NFT. That’s it. It should take a few minutes to process your transfer!

That’s all for today. Feel free to shoot a query or comment down below and we’ll be more than happy to help you!

Sr. Software Ninja

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