Welcome to SCEZ! We recently launched our redesigned and enhanced portal. This blog post is about getting started with code. We have complete REST api solution for crypto developers, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

So if you’re a developer and wants to mint the Cardano NFTs or CNTs then you’re at right place. Let’s go through api end-points and some code snippets. We suggest you to signup and grab api key here if you’ve not done already.

Our official api doc is hosted here: https://doc.smartcontractsez.com/

Our official code samples hosted here: https://github.com/slthomason/SCEZ_code_samples

We’ll be minting using production api and Cardano mainnet network. The process is same for test network, just the base url and api key will be different. Grab the test api key from testnet portal.

There are a few pre-requisites before we get started:

  1. Account is active and verified
  2. Api key
  3. Wallet passphrase is set
  4. Wallet has ADA balance.

We’ll try these api using Postman client. The same can be used by any client, be it dotnet, console, web, Android, iOS or any other. Feel free to contact us for any help with code samples.

Minting api is two step process as following:

  1. Create NFT and get order_id
  2. Use order_id to upload NFT image

Let’s check each api in detail.

1. Create NFT Api

POST https://api.smartcontractsez.com/api/v2/nft
  "token_name": "MyAwesomeNFT",
  "description": "This is my awesome NFT",
  "wallet_passphrase": "passphrase123"
    "order_id": "wyMFM6nlEz/9JnbM978QR2SPkIvrkgVdAEDZwCoP/oc=",
    "msg": "Order successful"

As we can see, the request payload is a json object with three keys:

descriptionstring or null

Asterisk marked keys are required input. Token name should be a valid string containing no spaces and special characters.

Wallet passphrase is the passcode you’ve set in the dashboard

Below is the screenshot to do the same in Postman:

We can do the same from any client/code. Make sure to pass the api key in header key “x-api-key” and the payload content type “application/json”

Now we’ve a order_id in response that we’ll use in next api to upload the NFT image. Image type can be jpg, png, jpeg or gif.

2. Upload NFT Image

Form POST: https://api.smartcontractsez.com/api/v2/nft/asset/upload?order_id=wyMFM6nlEz/9JnbM978QR2SPkIvrkgVdAEDZwCoP/oc=
    "file_name": "75-cool_bunny.png",
    "status": 1

As we can see, this is a Form POST type api. We send the image as binary/multipart and order_id in query parameter

REQUEST BODY SCHEMA: multipart/form-data
filestring <binary>

Below is the Postman client screensot:

#1. Request headers
#2. Request body

If the order_id is correct and image criteria full fills, then you’ll get the response with uploaded file name.

Congratulations! We just minted our NFT in two simple steps

Sr. Software Ninja

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