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Today, we’ll go over some of the pricing information of Cardano, some recent news, and other stuff and announcements as we’re all set to wrap up 2021. Without delaying much, let’s get right into the big news on Cardano NFTs and other Ada updates.

Cardano’s Price in Action

Cardano ADA to USD price chart
Cardano ADA to USD chart

It’s been an interesting week on the Cardano network. Prices have fluctuated between $1.21 over the last 15 days or so. We saw a peak up around $1.50, and now we’re back at into the $1.40s. While we’ve certainly seen some dips this years, we can see that Cardano is currently closing off 2021 with a little peak. Although it might not look so much, we can see about a 800% growth through the entire year of 2021.

If you’re interested, here are some price predictions for Ada.

Cardano Achievements

Cardano has also reported a whopping 468% growth across social media, with over 3.2 million total social audience. I think as we see this growth continue along into 2022, the potential of the entire technology to grow bigger is extremely huge!

SundaeSwap has hit an interesting phase, announcing the audit completion of the SundaeSwap protocol. That’s very interesting to see as this continues to move forward, it’s going to move Cardano forward as well.

It has also been revealed that the number of Plutus scripts has been massively increasing in the last 30 days. We’re seeing an increase from 840 to 920 Plutus scripts created in the past 30 days, which contributes as a huge move for Cardano as we move forward.

Latest Cardano News


Moving on, we have a lot of news around new NFT exchanges that are coming up. EMURGO has recently announced the launch of artist registration for Fiborite, which is an upcoming NFT marketplace built on Cardano’s blockchain. The emerging company is, alongside IOHK and the Cardano Foundation, a founding entity of the Cardano protocol.

The pre-registration for the upcoming launch of Fiborite is now launch and artists are now able to pre-register themselves on the NFT marketplace.

In a YouTube video, Hoskinson said that the first half of 2022 will be “an essential window for commercialization and utility of Cardano projects.” So that’s really exciting and that’s what we’ve been plugging as well as we really feel like this is really a time where things are going to continue to grow.

IOHK recently released a great write-up on the year and what we saw through 2021 for Cardano. It’s a great read so make sure to run through them here.

Finally, 3 other platforms that Cardano NFTs are starting to be offered are Tokhun, Cardahub, and CNFT. So there’s a lot of excitement around these and it’s great to see these new platforms to sell coming up. We’re excited to move into 2022, and we’ll be announcing our new project in the first week of 2022 so make sure to follow our blog or YouTube channel to stay updated everyday.

Thank you for sticking with me to the very end. We hope this has been valuable information to your journey with cryptocurrencies. As always, make sure to keep your kids protected with CleanRouter and CleanPhone. This lets you have the ultimate parental controls with how your kids use their phone ๐Ÿ™‚

If you’d like to learn more about Cardano, kindly check out the video below:

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