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Today, we’ll go through some of the latest Cardano news as well as some price predictions that we’re seeing. We’re also going to be attracted to some really interesting trends that I want to make sure to alert you too. There has been a lot of news about Cardano hitting as high as its all-time peak so far, so we’ll look deeper into the matter in a bit. Without further delay, let’s get right into Cardano Ada predictions alert.

Cardano Hitting Highs

We’ve been seeing a lot of chatter lately about the Cardano price starting to hit a bullish run. We’ve also seen some people talk about Cardano having the potential to go as high as $3, which is some of the highs we’ve seen before. Following some of the analysis on the market, there’s a lot of predictions where we could see this swing as high as $3 over the coming days. Now, what’s exciting is that there’s even more interesting things going on here that I think we really want to subtract to today.

Network Traffic, Activity, and The Long-Term Promise

One of the next things I was alerted to is as we’re looking at the news, we’re starting to see some really interesting price predictions. The prices themselves have actually remained relatively flat. We’ve seen Cardano drop quite a bit over the last few months and we’ve seen it really starting to flatten out. However, what we’re seeing that’s really starting to spike against this is a lot of activity on the network. I think, as we’re starting to see this, we’re going to start to see Cardano positioning itself for a long-term growth here.

Cardano Ada transactions chart
Cardano Ada transactions chart

Now, let’s dig a bit deeper. One of the things that has been really interesting will show itself as we look at the Cardano price chart. As we look at 2021, we can definitely see a lot of Cardano activity. Earlier this year, there was definitely an uptick, where we saw about 50% growth over the activities on the previous years of Cardano.

That was something really promising. Then, we saw some sort of a lull over the summer, and then followed the run-up that happened going into the Alonzo Fork. And again, we saw bigger run-up of activity as people started coming into Q3 with some interest around smart contracts and some other new releases that aligned along with the release of Alonzo Fork.

We can then see the chart kind of went down a little bit with some of the hype around smart contracts. But what we’re keen on driving your attention to is what’s been going on in the last few weeks, where we’re seeing some of the major spikes of all-time so far.

At the peak we have half a million transactions, which is surely an enormous amount of traffic for Cardano. Before we attempt clarifying the recent huge spikes, let’s take a look at something interesting.

Cardano Price and Activity Pattern

Cardano Ada price chart
Cardano Ada price chart

As shown in the chart, the price of Ada in the past has really tracked along with the activity of its use. It’s really interesting to see how the prices and traffic mirror patterns. We can see the rise of price or traffic leads to the rise of the other. Looking at the chart, the last time we see the pattern is in September, around the announcement of Alonzo Fork. But since then, we’re seeing the price flattening, although the activity continues to go up.

Value Driven by dApps

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This is why we believe Cardano is in it for the long play here. Even when you listen to Hoskinsons, you don’t hear him talk a lot about Ada running as a price. Instead, he’s always leaned towards talking about the positioning the future of the network. Ultimately, if we see decentralized applications be positioned on the network, it’ll really drive these long-term investments in the network. This ultimately positions Cardano to be really the traction of the future. And we believe that’s what the leaders of the Cardano network are trying to preach to us.

My prediction here is that we’re going to see this in the long play. We believe that any technology that gets this kind of leverage and build against will get the long run and sustainability happen over time. We’ve seen it happen with Ethereum, and we hope and believe Cardano is next up the line. And here are 4 reasons why we think Cardano is better than Ethereum.

Winding up…

This is an interesting divergence that we wanted to make sure to call out because it’s the first time over a sustained period of 4-6 weeks, where we’ve seen the price dip but the transactions actually go up. I believe this is actually a healthy thing, where people are staying away from speculation. And we believe it’s where we’re seeing a natural settling of the actual price of Ada. So I, personally, for one, am OK with the price of Ada .

I’m betting on Cardano for the long-term, where I see that the building of these decentralized apps and the low price actually helps us in these building phases. So that as we continue to grow, and transition into sustainability and scalability, you’ll see a prediction of Cardano exploding over the next 2-5 years.

So that’s my prediction about Cardano. Thank you for sticking with me to the very end. We hope this has been valuable information to your journey to skyrocketing with Ada. You can keep track of our blog or YouTube channel to stay updated about Cardano every day. And as always, make sure to keep your kids protected with CleanRouter and CleanPhone. This lets you have the ultimate parental controls with how your kids use their phone 🙂

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