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Ever since Cardano emerged into existence, we’ve all been hearing it to be better than Ethereum and many other mainstream cryptocurrencies. Now that it has been constantly developing and progressing well in the crypto realm, it’s time we dive into the 4 reasons Cardano is better than Ethereum.

Cardano’s Cheaper Smart Contracts

As of September 12, Cardano, or ADA, can now do Smart Contracts. But they’re capable of executing smart contracts a lot cheaper. If you’re unsure what a smart contract is, it’s basically what allows the creation of NFTs as well as other technologies; pretty much anything that you can obtain ownership of through a purchase. You’ll find more about Smart Contracts here.

Because Ada is so much cheaper than Ethereum, it allows a lot cheaper cost to deploy a smart contract. Ethereum is becoming really congested on the network, which means it requires a lot more time and cost for creation. Ada, in comparison, can be processed for about a sixth of the cost of Ethereum. This ultimately contributes to the advantage of executing cheaper smart contracts.

Proof of Stake vs Proof of Work

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The second reason is it’s a proof of stake vs proof of work. Although Ethereum has been trying to switch over, it’s adaption rate has been really slow. The ability that Ada was built on proof on stake vs proof of work requires a lot less electricity, making it pretty much more of a green-friendly crypto. However, Ethereum too is eventually going to get there. They’ve been working really hard to switch over to the proof of stake, though it’s been a very slow adaption over a long period of time.

A Lesser Volatile Cardano

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The third reason is that the price is very less volatile on Cardano. Because of it’s less volatility, we’re presented with the benefit of making better and more accurate predictions. So that explains why you can’t go wrong betting on Ada in the short and long run.

Cheaper, Safer Investing on Cardano

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Finally, because the price is cheaper and it possess lesser volatility, it ultimately makes investing into Cardano cheaper and safe. So overall, this will allow more people to buy into Cardano. Ada has made huge strides over the last six months. And it is continuing to become one of the larger blockchains.

We’re really bullish on Cardano right now. I think the technology is going to be continued to be adopted and there’s a great potential of watching Cardano grow. Especially as it continues to gain traction with the smart contracts. The smart contracts were just adopted as of September 12, and as we see more and more adoption and technologies built on smart contracts, you’ll see Cardano really gain steam.

Winding Up…

As the NFT market starts opening up to use Cardano in the coming months, we’ll see the crypto really take off. I’m also assuming it will eventually surpass Ethereum since Ethereum has been taking so long to adopt into proof of stake vs proof of work.

So that concludes our 4 reasons why Cardano is better than Ethereum. Reflecting on my reasons, we’re going pretty hard on Cardano right now and we’re even looking at doing some technology around Cardano. Thank you for sticking with us to the very end. I hope this valuable information helps you in your journey with Cardano. And as always, keep your kids protected with CleanRouter and CleanPhone so that you have the ultimate parental controls with how your kids use their phone 🙂

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